Unsuccessful Job Interviews: Lessons from Mistakes

Lessons from Interview Mistakes

In today’s tight job market, just getting an interview sometimes feels like a victory. But the interview itself does not pay the bills, landing the job is what counts. Unfortunately, most interviews do not end with a job offer. Rather than wallow in disappointment, prospective applicants can and should learn from their interviewing mistakes to have a more successful job search. Continue reading “Unsuccessful Job Interviews: Lessons from Mistakes”

5 Pieces of Career Advice to Advance in Your Job

Career Advancement Tips

There are countless ways of standing out in the workplace; however, many of them will not lead to career success. While marching to the beat of your own drummer may be one of your more endearing qualities, it is not the type of behavior that translates into career advancement. To stand out at work, one doesn’t need to take drastic measures. Some of the best and most productive changes are small and easily overlooked. Here are some tips that will help you stand out without making a scene. Continue reading “5 Pieces of Career Advice to Advance in Your Job”

Real Jobs in Academia! Why a Career as a Librarian is Worth a Look


Are you wondering what to do with that MA in History? Do you dream of getting paid to do research, teach, and go to faculty meetings? Have you been scared away from getting your Ph.D. by horror stories of fruitless job searches, starvation adjunct wages, impossible teaching loads, and insane tenure requirements? Continue reading “Real Jobs in Academia! Why a Career as a Librarian is Worth a Look”